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Darkest Dungeon Cove Curios

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Last Updated: 01 February 2022

The Cove is the second to last dungeon that can be discovered. The old fishmen that lived there were awakened by the task around their home, making it a practice to sink and kill any seafarers that come near their domain, making them a hazard to the marine deliveries of provisions that Hamlet depends on.

The songs that plays throughout battle in the Cove is The Cove Battle. If the party is low on health, consider finishing Groupers. Holy Water may be valuable for Fish Idols. Antivenom might serve for Brackish Tide Pools. A Skeleton Key is sometimes needed for locked chests. If you have a Houndmaster in your team, Dog Treats can be used on oysters for a dodge buff. Stun resistance is useful as many Cove adversaries use stun attacks. It's worth keeping in mind that the Occultist does increased damage versus eldritch adversaries, which can be very helpful right here.

The Cove was the only one of the primary 4 areas not initially launched in Early Access; While every other area gets two extra beasts at Veteran level, the Cove only obtains one: the Uca Crusher. The pelagic beasts might be based on the fish-human hybrid monsters from H. P. Lovecraft's novella The Shadow over Innsmouth. There is a fixed pool of products that can be appropriated by specific curios, however extra loot as a result of a low light level will be determined individually and can therefore be dropped even by curios with very specific loot decreases. The Antiquarian can cause special treasure to drop when she directly communicates with curios. This is figured out through the type of Curio offered and the condition the hero has, to ie a hero with the Necromania peculiarity might connect with a Dinner Cart or Mummified Remains.

Normally, the most common cause of forced interactions will be Negative Quirks, however specific diseases and some conditions may additionally cause forced communication. The Heirloom Chest has a 50% chance of in fact being Locked Strongbox, which is possibly oversight during Locked Strongbox elimination. You'll see, it's rather amusing the first time a giant crab with a lots of protection attacks your hero with it's Arterial Pinch capability. You recover 5 health and wellness or 5 stress from the Brackish tide pool! The reefs helps your hero eliminate unfavorable peculiarity!

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