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Darkest Dungeon Team Comps

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Last Updated: 10 July 2021

Darkest Dungeon is a grim and difficult RPG established by Red Hook Games. When the backline is dead, among the Crusaders can use Battle Heal to round off any individual who needs it. Fugitive hunter is helpful to keep opponents shocked and does additional damages to human opponents with Collect Bounty. Abomination can use Beast Bile since affliction works well in the Cove if changing is not a great alternative for particular battles. Vestal will concentrate on healing and Grave Robber on killing Swine Wretch with Thrown Dagger. Hellion is very flexible in this competitors and can help concentrate the backline with Iron Swan, stack more blood loss with If It Bleeds or handle the frontline with Wicked Hack. Adrenaline Rush can additionally be used to get rid of blight and enthusiast Hellion's offense.

Upgraded January 20 2022, by Sid Natividad: Darkest Dungeon 2 is looking great so far even in its alpha phase. As constantly with these sort of games, going in prepared is practically obligatory for those that value their vulnerable capillary and precious blood pressure rates. The community professionals have simmered in the cumulative expertise of Darkest Dungeon's best team compositions for many years now. Among the most awful points that might happen to a team where each member has a specialized role is if that role-designation obtains cut off. The Grave Robber has a retreat attack for when the team obtains ambushed or shocked and everyone gets shuffled. Torchless runs are some of the most challenging onslaught obstacles in Darkest Dungeon and the most awful trouble there is handling the decreased precision. The vestal can have the Divine Comfort ability which is an AOE heal for each member of the party. The Grave Robber works incredibly well together with the Plague Doctor. Much like the Hound Master, the Bounty Hunter has a damage increase against monsters. The Jester has choices for both targeted stress alleviation and basic stress relief. This character will generally serve as a type of stress therapist for your run.

The Highwayman is a superb starter hero due to the fact that he is reasonably very easy to use, specifically contrasted to some of the other heroes that have a bit more subtlety. If you want the Plague Doctor to deal ruptured damages, you could need to get a bit more innovative. Pointing Out the Plague Doctor again seems about right, This character is incredibly solid in a variety of dungeons; Blight is not as powerful as other dungeons, yet the healing capacities are trusted. Like in the other Dungeons, the Plague Doctor serves for recovering the variety of blight and hemorrhage damages you'll experience in the Cove. Blight damage from the Plague Grenade is valuable versus adversaries that obstruct practically all bleed damage.

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