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Darklight (film)

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Last Updated: 02 December 2020

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Darklight (film)


Theres always room for Creature feature in 2019 with a ton of practical effects, cool costumes and scary sounds. Here we have a home invasion monster movie that follows the trend of paranoia in a lot of movies I have seen at Frightfest this year, but this time with a much more obvious answer that is displayed to viewer from offset. Jessica Madsen is fighting monsters from stealing her daughter to harvest her. Madsen does a decent job in a role that sees her in physically demanding and tense situation. The rest of the cast are probably not UP to the same strengths and there are some questionable performances that dont seem to match the story is weird and hard to follow. So I lost most of the damn movie. Then at one point I just stop caring and say fuck it. I went along with the ride and was pleased, but nothing special or crazy happened, so it was just a chill ride. The Monsters were OK but weak as fuck. They all die from gun shots. If you damn monster and you die from gunshot, you suck at being a monster. You aint even be scary any more. I was looking forward to watching this movie for a couple of reasons. I watched one of the other movies this director made not all that long ago, so that was one reason. The other is this has Jessica Madsen in it, who I really like in Leatherface. I'm glad I got chance to check out more of her work. I like her in this movie as well, but felt she did a better job in the previous one. The story has some problems if you really start to think about everything. While watching it, I didn't notice problems so much though. That doesn't really change my mind about what I think about films overall really. I things I find surprisingly impressive about this movie;-Director, cinematographer, set designer, even composer are going places-Seriously film looks and sounds more expensive than it clearly was-score in particular is impressive for DTV effort-lead is decent-lead child isn't annoying-setting and atmosphere great-Creature design should come across as silly but is surprisingly cool! Things that wound me RIGHT UP about this movie;-script. Specifically dialogue. Just, bad, often woeful, seldom good. I said before child actress was good, but that wasn't for the script's lack of trying to make me hate her. I mean do children follow tired formula of one person seeing creepy shit and being called crazy for 75% of the run time. Also, story is crazy non lineral and painful ass to follow at times. From a lore perspective, creatures don't make a ton of sense to me. They're supposed to be another form of hominid but they feed solely on life energy or whatever? Just make them Aliens dude.

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