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Deer Hunting in New Hampshire

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 15 April 2022

Deer, New Hampshire's most popular game species, with a total of over 100,000 deer found throughout the state. Hunters can take an additional antlerless deer in WMU L, according to Special Unit L's Special Unit L, hunters are allowed to take two additional antlerless deer. www. woogle. com For more details, visit www. wu. com. The Firearms season runs from November 10 to December 5, but in WMU A, the firearms season comes earlier. The youth weekend is October 23-24. To find deer season dates, please visit the New Hampshire Fish and Game website. The deer harvest in New Hampshire has been down the last few years. Couples with multiple mild winters in a row, record acorn and apple crops last fall, and the deer herd survived the winter in excellent shape. This season, New Hampshire biologists are expecting a near-record harvest. The wildlife management unit group's office was reassessed for specific population goals that correspond to more realistic objectives. Another recent change is an increase in special permits in areas where deer numbers are still high. Particularly if hunting along the White Mountains, Scouting is the key to filling tags. The state's highest deer densities tend to be in the southern third of the state and along the Connecticut River Valley. Both numbers and trophy yields have increased over the past few years in Rockingham, Grafton, and Hillsborough counties, but all southern counties are a good bet for both numbers and trophy potential. New Hampshire is home to 750,000 acres of public hunting. The number of people hunting in New Hampshire has decreased by more than 45% since the state began keeping records in 1922, from 99,000 to 55,000. Concord Monitor – Since the state began collecting statistics in 1922, the fourth highest deer kill since the state began keeping records in 1922.

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