Degos Disease

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Last Updated: 09 May 2022
degos disease - malignant atrophic papulosis or cutaneointestinal lethal syndrome: rarity of the disease. "degos disease - malignant atrophic papulosis or cutaneointestinal lethal syndrome: rarity of the disease.", by Pirolla E, Fregni F, Miura IK, Misiara AC, Almeida F, Zanoni E. f1-ceg-8-141: Initial skin lesions in Degos disease....

Degos disease is an incredibly unusual disorder in which small and medium sized arteries come to be obstructed, limiting the circulation of blood to affected areas. Degos disease usually causes particular skin lesions that might last for a period of time varying from weeks to years. In some people, Degos disease will be limited to the skin; other individuals will additionally develop symptoms affecting other body organ systems. Systemic Degos disease is most regularly characterized by lesions in the small intestinal tract, but other body organs are additionally affected. The precise reason for Degos disease is unknown. Because many people go undiagnosed and most clinical reports disproportionately go over the more serious systemic form, many researchers caution that data concerning Degos disease are incorrect. It is vital to keep in mind that some individuals only develop skin lesions and do not go on to develop systemic Degos disease. Most of the times, the initial symptoms of Degos disease stand out skin lesions or a breakout. People who develop systemic Degos disease will not develop all of the symptoms gone over below. The most common area affected by Degos disease outside of the skin is the stomach system. Stomach participation can occur anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of years after the skin lesions develop. In extremely unusual cases, intestinal involvement might come before the growth of skin lesions. Some individuals with systemic Degos disease experience participation of the central nervous system.

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