Dental Sealants

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Last Updated: 09 May 2022

Dental sealants are thin plastic finishings that safeguard the chewing surfaces of children's back teeth from dental caries, or tooth decay. Since tooth brush bristles can not brush them away, Food and bacteria can get stuck in the grooves and pits and remain there for a long time. Sealants fill out the grooves and keep the food out. Children should get sealants on their permanent molars as quickly as they can be found in, before degeneration attacks the teeth. The first molars enter into the mouth when children are about 6 years old, and the second molars show up when children have to do with 12 years of ages. Sealants can be put on in a dental office, a community dental center, or in a school sealant program. Adults who do not have cavities or degeneration on their molars can additionally get sealants. Clean the tops of the premolars and molars; Put a conditioning acid gel on the top of the molar for a couple of secs; Rinse and dry the tooth surface; Paint the sealer into the grooves of the tooth; Shine a special light on the sealer to aid it dry and harden. Tooth decay can conveniently begin in cracks where food can get stuck and where it is difficult to tidy. Sealants are slim plastic finishes that cover the chewing surface area of back teeth. Everybody has the microorganisms that cause tooth degeneration living in their mouth. The long-term molars have the highest possible risk of dental cavity and benefit the most from dental sealants.

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