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Last Updated: 11 February 2022

It is liable to the Health Research and Innovation Directorate of the Ministry for Health in the Basque Country. Osteba is funded from the Ministry of Health budget plan. Osteba operates in close cooperation with public health research units and the Drug Information Centre. Osteba's reports are used by the Ministry for Health and the Basque Health Service-Osakidetza for plan production and by healthcare facilities, medical professionals and private care providers to improve clinical practice and the company of medical care delivery. A lot of the work is carried out internal in partnership with expert panels and outside professionals that might be medical professionals, financial experts, epidemiologists, attorneys, or ethicists, usually originating from the Basque Ministry for Health, Universities and the Basque public health service. Osteba has its own very early caution system, Sortek' linked to the prioritization procedure for assessment and is the co-ordinator of the Spanish Network for New and Emerging Technologies, GENTECS'. Osteba releases complete evaluation reports, miniature HTA reports, technical guides, Clinical Practices Guidelines and an e-newsletter Osteba Berriak. In this way, Osteba coordinates a series of training activities on the method of health solutions research and assessment.

Director: Dr. Inaki Gutierrez-Ibarluzea Contact individual: Dr. Inaki Gutierrez-Ibarluzea. BIOEF Basque Office for Health Technology Assessment, OSTEBA Torre del BEC, Ronda de Azkue, 1 48902 Barakaldo Bizkaia, Spain Directors of the 89 primarily rural health divisions are designated by the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Health. The BDIH on Health is an initiative based on the regional health ecosystem recognized at the local degree for the interpretation and release of the Smart Specialization Strategy, RIS3, on biosciences and health. The BDIH in Health replies to the triple-win for Europe, that is the European priority concerning: enhancement of the health and lifestyle of people with a concentrate on healthy and balanced and active living with digital world. BDIH gives and links commercial firms, especially SMEs, with the technological capacities required to meet the difficulties of Industry 4. 0, colleges, modern technology centres, company R&D systems, worldwide networking, etc. The Basque DIH in Health is closely attached to the Basque Reference Site and is part of the European Innovation action entitled Digital Innovation Hub on Healthcare Robotics, which is building an independent platform attaching DIHs throughout Europe to create a sustainable DIH network.

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