Dermal Exposure

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Last Updated: 08 May 2022

Skin exposure to chemicals in the office is a considerable problem in the U. S. Both the variety of cases and the rate of skin disease in the U. S. goes beyond recordable respiratory diseases. In 2018 *, 25,000 recordable skin diseases were reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics at a rate of 2. 2 injuries per 10,000 workers, compared to 19,600 respiratory illnesses with a rate of 1. 7 ailments per 10,000 staff members. Most chemicals are readily taken in via the skin and can cause other health results and/or add to the dosage taken in by inhalation of the chemical from the air. In most cases, skin is a more substantial route of exposure than the lung. The number of job-related diseases triggered by skin absorption of chemicals is not understood. It is said that an approximated 60,000 deaths and 860,000 occupational illnesses per year in the U. S. attributed to occupational exposure, a relatively small percentage created by skin exposure would stand for a significant health and wellness risk.

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