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Dermalogica Clean Touch Certification

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Last Updated: 19 January 2022

Greater than 6 weeks after the Coronavirus required service shutdowns worldwide, the professional skin treatment industry is excitedly looking for guidance on exactly how to reopen and perform skin treatment treatments securely. Dermalogica, which advanced the sector in 1983 by supplying post-graduate education and learning to qualified skin specialists, takes the lead today, boldly revealing new measures to assist hair salon owners and specialist skin specialists resume their businesses when the moment is right in their neighborhood markets. Clean Touch Certification, granted to skin therapists that total free online training on the essential principles and boosted methods. Upon completion, skin specialists will earn a certificate recognising them as Clean Touch Certified, which they can show in their salon, treatment area, or web site. What matters is that we have specified one of the most proper actions now to make sure that the market can start the changes required to make face skin care services a reality.

With industry concentrated on digital or sitting it out, skin therapists are not happy to provide up on the essential market of human touch and connection. Dermalogica also teased a new Back in Touch global advertising and marketing project, developed to sustain Dermalogica skin specialists as they begin believing about resuming and reconnecting with their customers. The brand has developed a collection of durable global safety and security criteria to aid individuals in the specialist skin treatment industry browse safe treatments amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as more states in the U.S. look at reopening, Dermalogica has developed a set of safety and security and sanitation criteria for skin-care specialists that it hopes will be embraced by the industry at large.

We have 20000 small organizations around the world and it is our duty to assist them open up in a risk-free way, said Aurelian Lis, chief executive officer of Dermalogica, the professional skin-care brand name owned by Unilever. In the consequences of this wave of COVID-19 and the next one, we wish to claim that these are the added points you require to do.

In combination with the standards, Dermalogica will release a Clean Touch Certification program this Thursday. It's important that we interact to customers that it's not service as it was, said Lis.

Dermalogica is offered in retail and professional networks, consisting of Ulta, where it is the brand name companion for all skin-care solutions. Lis stated he believes that smaller, independent health spas and beauty salons will open up previously bigger stores.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association and National Retail Federation jointly revealed its Blueprint for Safe Shopping.

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