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high energy diets-induced metabolic and prediabetic painful polyneuropathy in rats. "high energy diets-induced metabolic and prediabetic painful polyneuropathy in rats.", by Xie F, Fu H, Hou JF, Jiao K, Costigan M, Chen J. pone-0057427-g005: The effects of CD, HFSD and HFSSD diets on the myelinated and unmyelinated fiber structures in the sciatic nerves.Electron microscopic photomicrographs show the cross-section of the sciatic nerve fibers in the CD (A and...

Losing weight can boost your health if you are overweight or have weight problems. A healthy diet plan is an integral part of a weight-loss program. The key to reducing weight is to burn more calories than you drink and consume. A diet can aid you to do this with portion control. Some, like the Mediterranean diet, explain a standard way of eating from a specific area. Others, like the DASH consuming strategy or a diet regimen to lower cholesterol, were developed for people that have specific health and wellness issues. There are also trend or crash diets that seriously restrict calories or the types of food you are permitted to eat. They additionally may not provide all of the nutrients your body requirements. Along with a diet, adding exercise into your everyday life can help you to lose weight.

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