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Diogenes and Alexander

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Last Updated: 05 July 2021

The year is 336. BC. The place is the Greek city-state of Corinth in the residential area of Craneion. Alexander the Great, likely slightly dissatisfied that one of the most noticeable theorists of this city had not paid him much notification, comes close to the old man and declares I am Alexander the Great King, Diogenes searches for and responds with I am Diogenes the Dog. Alexander then continues to ask Diogenes if he preferred anything. Recognizing that Alexander was likely one of the most powerful man he would ever meet, Diogenes responded Yes. Alexander's men proceeded to hurl disrespects at the philosopher, but Alexander was apparently so surprised by this communication and in awe at Diogenes mindset, that he later stated to his close buddies But absolutely, if I were not Alexander, I wish I were Diogenes. Although Alexander could have given Diogenes anything practical, he could not offer him the time Diogenes lost in the sunlight. Alexander intended to verify himself to the world through conquest and replicating the heroics of Achilles and Hercules, while Diogenes did not require anything to prove himself due to the fact that his name already cemented that he had already attained a superior mode of contentment in his own life, one which Alexander was looking for. The only occasion on which Alexander saw Corinth was not long after the fatality of his father in 336 BCE. Probably, Alexander was well mindful of who Diogenes was. According to Plutarch, on being asked by Philip whether he was a spy, Diogenes had said, I most absolutely am a spy, Philip. According to Epictetus in his Discourses, at the time of the experience in Corinth, Diogenes was asleep when Alexander came close to. According to Diogenes Laertius, in his life of Diogenes, Alexander dominated the thinker and claimed, I am Alexander the fantastic king. To which Diogenes responded, I am Diogenes the dog. Alexander's assistants took umbrage at Diogenes' rudeness to their king, Alexander himself was not displeased. Legend has it that Diogenes and Alexander passed away on the same day in 323 BCE, one having conquered the globe and therefore prolonged the reach of Greek civilization, the other having overturned the standards of civilized culture altogether. Regardless of his eccentricities, Diogenes was a sage theorist. If the person standing prior to him was a king or a servant; he would treat every person the same-poorly, Diogenes notoriously cared little about the point of views of others and did not care. A pupil of ancient thinker and scientist Aristotle, Alexander had a wonderful respect for smart men like Diogenes, so he decided to meet the philosopher for himself. Alexander came across Diogenes as the philosopher was indulging in the early morning sunlight. Enjoyed meet the popular thinker, Alexander asked if there was any support he may do for him.

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