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Discord Dropped The Magnifying Glass

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 08 July 2021

Users have reported that Discord search is not working and the application tosses a dropped magnifying glass error.

The major functions of Discord depend mostly on the server. Discord works as a social network for players. If you are a customer of discord and intend to discover someone, the discord search function ought to be functioning. You can not discover somebody on discord conveniently. You can check out another post written on this subject if you want to know just how to discover a person on discord.

On this page, you can inspect if the client is presently experiencing server problems and if its services are affected and a service is being used for you. A weak Wi-Fi signal can cause lag or capability problems, in which case it is a great idea to use an Ethernet cord or boost your Wi-Fi link.

Go to the bottom right of your Windows 10 taskbar. ; After that, open Discord again and the application must start the update process automatically.

The Discord application is used by a great deal of users and due to its popularity, there may be web server problems from Discord's end. If the problem still lingers of Discord search not functioning, wait for the developer to repair the issue. And also, a lot of these newer users in a server might desire to inspect how old the web server truly is. That being said, whichever mistake message you might be confronting with the Discord search functionality, know that we have just the right solutions for it.

One common cause for this Discord search bar problem can be the Discord app on your tool is obsoleted. That being stated, the complying with are ways to upgrade the Discord app on your tool: From the Discord customer home window, situate the update button.

If the native search bar still fails you, we suggest utilizing your internet browser's search functionality. The only downside to this workaround is that you can't use any search alternatives to limit the search results as you get with Discord's search function. For this reason, we advise attempting to uninstall Better Discord from your Discord setup: Firstly, open up the Better Discord installer you downloaded. As long as you tick Remove all BandageBD information, the uninstaller will erase the Better Discord data for you.

After the rate test, if you think your web speed may be the cause for the mistake, then attempt switching to a different link and inspect if Discord search is functioning.

You can try the complying with remedies to deal with the Discord search break error if you are utilizing Discord on your mobile phone.

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