Drosophila Melanogaster

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Last Updated: 10 May 2022
evaluation of the toxic potential of graphene copper nanocomposite (gcnc) in the third instar larvae of transgenic drosophila melanogaster (hsp70-lacz)bg(9.). "evaluation of the toxic potential of graphene copper nanocomposite (gcnc) in the third instar larvae of transgenic drosophila melanogaster (hsp70-lacz)bg(9.).", by Siddique YH, Fatima A, Jyoti S, Naz F. pone-0080944-g010: Drosophila melanogaster(hsp70-lacZ)Bg9 mid gut cells (a) Normal cell; (b) Apoptotic cell and (c) Comet assay performed in gut cell exposed to 3.996 µg/µl of GCNC for 48 hrs of duration....

BETHESDA, Md. , A consortium of public scientists working together with an exclusive business has released a significantly full genome sequence of the fruitfly, Drosophila melanogaster. "The genome sequence will considerably accelerate the progression of the 5,000 scientists for whom Drosophila is already a significant research tool," stated Dr. Rubin. The fact that the majority of genetics recognized to cause human disease have well-conserved equivalents in the fly says that the information uncovered in Drosophila will have direct importance to human health and wellness. " Adhering to a core concept of the Human Genome Project, the research collaborators sequencing the fruitfly genome have deposited their information into the general public database to ensure that all scientists, in market in addition to academia, can use it at no cost and without constraints. Currently in GenBank are the essentially full genome series of 3 other significant research model microorganisms, the E. coli bacterium, yeast and the nematode worm. Celera's work with the fly genome shows that the "whole shotgun" technique can be successfully applied to such an organism, stated Dr. Collins that added that Celera scientist Dr. Gene Myers "deserves a lot of credit rating for developing software to deal with the substantial amount of information" arising from the whole genome shotgun sequencing strategy. Scientists formerly have revealed that a group of genetics that act together to direct the development of the very early fly embryo are closely associated to the same genes that can add to skin and colon cancer in human beings. Three Nobel Prizes in medicine/physiology have been awarded for research using the fruitfly in research studies of human advancement and the influence of genetics on diseases.

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