Drug Use And Addiction

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

Drugs are chemical substances that can change just how your body and mind work. This indicates taking the medicines in a various way than the healthcare provider recommended. This consists of; Taking a medication that was prescribed for somebody else; Taking a larger dosage than you are expected to; Using the medicine in a various way than you are supposed to. Using the medication for another function, such as getting high; Misusing over-the-counter medications, consisting of utilizing them for another purpose and using them in a various way than you are meant to. Substance abuse is hazardous. Substance abuse can lead to addiction. Drug addiction is a chronic brain disease. Duplicated substance abuse can lead and change the brain to addiction. The brain changes from addiction can be enduring, so drug addiction is considered a "relapsing" disease. This indicates that people in recovery go to risk for taking drugs again, even after years of not taking them.

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