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Last Updated: 04 May 2022
shape and size constraints on dust optical properties from the dome c ice core, antarctica. "shape and size constraints on dust optical properties from the dome c ice core, antarctica.", by Potenza MA, Albani S, Delmonte B, Villa S, Sanvito T, Paroli B, Pullia A, Baccolo G, Mahowald N, Maggi V. f4: Effects of the particle size distributions and shapes on dust AOD evaluated as described in the text.(a) Size-resolved (on the CESM size bins, identified by the grey solid lines on the x-axis) sets of...

Satellites are essential tools for tracking and researching aerosol fragments in the environment made of dust. Regardless of this, dust can increase and harm crops soil disintegration along with effect watering canals, transport routes, water top quality, and solar power output. Therefore, it is very important to know where dust is transferring to and where it may settle. Fortunately, researchers have uncovered that by incorporating various satellite networks in different ways, the resulting RGB imagery products make the dust stand out in false-color. Some instances of these images items consist of the Dust RGB item and the Dynamic Enhancement Background Reduction -Dust. GOES East Spies Smoke and Dust in the Wind May 2, 2022; Strong Winds Carry Dust and Fan Flames in the Southwest April 25, 2022; Earth from Orbit: La Soufri re Erupts April 15, 2021.

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