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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
a vaginal cyst causing dysuria and dyschezia in a bitch. "a vaginal cyst causing dysuria and dyschezia in a bitch.", by Watanabe T, Mishina M, Sakurai Y. fig_004: An image at the second surgery. The distended vagina was severely adhered to thebladder neck and urethra (arrowhead)....

Dysuria is when you have pain when peeing. Your healthcare provider will analyze you and ask about your symptoms and health background. After chatting with you and doing a physical exam, your provider might or might not know what's creating your dysuria. Tests of your urine will include: Looking at the urine sample; Checking for substances; Looking at a small amount of the urine under a microscopic lense. Some parts of the urine test may be done in the provider's office. The urine sample may also be checked for microorganisms and yeast.

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