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improving quantitative dosimetry in (177)lu-dotatate spect by energy window-based scatter corrections. "improving quantitative dosimetry in (177)lu-dotatate spect by energy window-based scatter corrections.", by de Nijs R, Lagerburg V, Klausen TL, Holm S. F5: Reconstructions of the three collimators [low-energy high resolution (a, d), low-energy general purpose (b, e) and medium-energy general purpose (c, f)] for 113 keV (a, b, c) and 208 keV (d, e, f) energy...

Below is information about the student activity/lesson strategy from your search. Pupils will finish a scavenger quest worksheet in order to discover the basics of energy and its resources. Following Generation Science Standards: 3-LS4-4: Make a case about the benefit of an option to a trouble caused when the environment changes and the types of plants and animals that live there may change. 4-ESS3-1: Obtain and combine info to describe that energy and fuels are originated from natural deposits and their uses impact the environment. America's Home Energy Education Challenge. See Lesson 1: Energy Basics in the PDF below. The Community College Internship program looks for to urge community university student to get in technological jobs relevant to the U.S. Department of Energy mission by supplying 10-week internships at one of 15 DOE labs. Under the advice of research laboratory personnel scientists or engineers, SRNL CCI interns work with chemical/radiological technology and instrumentation tasks in SRNL research lab centers sustaining DOE's recurring research and development programs. We encourage prospects to call their professors and identify if there are recurring cooperations and contacts with SRNL that could promote recognizing specific SRNL scientists to collaborate with for the SCGSR candidates. The U.S. creates enough residential energy to offer 84% of its demand, but remains to rely on foreign energy, mostly oil, to make up the difference. Interior also joins peer exchanges to share best practices for improved legal structures, profits safety and security, health and wellness and management, and ecological defense in countries with a lengthy history of energy production as well as countries thinking about new energy programs.

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