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plated cambrian bilaterians reveal the earliest stages of echinoderm evolution. "plated cambrian bilaterians reveal the earliest stages of echinoderm evolution.", by Zamora S, Rahman IA, Smith AB. pone-0038296-g001: Radiate and asymmetric echinoderms from the Cambrian showing a selection of primitive echinoderm body plans.A, the ctenocystoid Ctenocystis; B, the cinctan Gyrocystis; C, the helicoplacoid Helicoplacus; D, the solute Coleicarpus; E, the eocrinoid Gogia;...

Echinoderms are recognizable by their radial proportion, and consist of such well-known animals as sea stars, sea urchins, sand bucks, and sea cucumbers. The phylum Echinodermata has about 7000 living types, twenty-one of which might be found in the intertidal zone at Point Reyes National Seashore. When a sea star locates a mussel that feels like it will make a sufficient lunch, it will use its hundreds of tube feet to stick to the bivalves shell. The sea star doesn't require to draw the covering very much apart, a split will do. The sea star will press its own stomach into the opening it has made. Sea star squandering disease amassed limelights in late 2013 and early 2014. Sea star wasting disease is a general description of a collection of symptoms that are found in sea stars. Scientists at UC Santa Cruz and companions are remaining to investigate a coast-wide recede of sea stars along the west coastline of the US. There has been some proof of squandering disease at Point Reyes this year and anecdotal declines in varieties of sea stars in some locations. Sea urchins are found in the lower intertidal zone in trend swimming pools and are abundant in the subtidal zone. In some areas, large groups of urchins consume their way via kelp beds to develop "urchin barrens" where seaweeds are limited; then, the urchin population decreases as a result of lack of food, permitting the kelp beds to recover. Sea urchins are a favored food of sea otters, and sea otters keep sea urchin populatioins in check.

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