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Education in Wrangell City And Borough Alaska

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 12 April 2022

The beauty of Southeast Alaska surrounds Wrangell Public Schools, which enrolls 315 students in three school buildings in the heart of the neighborhood. Elementary Education in Everest There are 129 students in grades K-5 with an average class size of twelve students in the primary grades and twenty-three students per class in the intermediate grades. Because of staff, family, and community volunteers who support each child in their neighborhood, all daily activities and special events at the school are a hit. A number of academic and elective fields are taught at Stikine Middle School and Wrangell High School, and a variety of academic and elective fields. The Wrangell Wolves are based at Wrangell High School in the home of the Wrangell Wolves. Both high school and college credit are available as a result of the High School's numerous technological preparation and career oriented programs. Each neighborhood has people with special needs, and Wrangell Public Schools has an excellent program to address these needs. Special education and related programs for the district are administered by two special education teachers. Residents of Alaska's popular on-line programs can be used for continuing education or toward degree programs. Wrangell City and Borough, Alaska, is ranked 16th of 29 boroughs and census areas in Public Schools per capita, and 14th of 29 boroughs and census areas in Public Schools per square mile. Both kindergarten and kindergarten schools in Wrangell City and Borough, AK, are tuition-free, publicly funded schools that are legally mandated to accept and provide an education to all children from kindergarten age to Grade 12 students.

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