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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

Elastography uses radio frequency vibrations throughout ultrasound or MRI to measure the stiffness of body organs inside the body. Your doctor or the radiology center where you are receiving the examination will tell you just how to prepare. You may require to put on a medical facility gown. Elastography is a non-invasive clinical imaging technique that aids determine the tightness of body organs and other frameworks in your body. Rigid liver tissue is usually a sign of disease. Liver disease may cause a build-up of mark tissue. People with liver fibrosis do not constantly experience symptoms. Left untreated, liver fibrosis may proceed to a more major problem, called cirrhosis. A liver biopsy uses a needle to get a small example of your liver for examination under a microscope. The method can: analyze and discover exactly how serious the liver disease is; overview therapy choices; display response to therapy; guide or replace a liver biopsy; aid anticipate the risk of complications of liver disease, such as liquid buildup in the abdominal area.

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