Electronic Nose

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Last Updated: 07 May 2022

Disclaimer: This page is kept for historic objectives, however the material is no more proactively updated. NASA scientists are developing an exquisitely delicate artificial nose for space exploration. October 6, 2004: Onboard the spaceport station, astronauts are bordered by ammonia. Ammonia is just among about forty or fifty substances needed on the shuttle and space station, which can not be enabled to collect in a shut environment. Prior to an electrical fire damages out, enhancing warm launches a variety of signature molecules. Here's exactly how it works: ENose uses a collection of 16 various polymer films. Above: Click to see a Powerpoint presentation explaining just how ENose works. And, while the changes in conductivity in a single polymer film would not suffice to identify an analyte, the diverse changes in 16 films create unique, recognizable pattern. Eventually, Ryan thinks, the ENose can function as the sensory part of an intelligent safety and security system. As a safety gadget, the ENose has a lot to provide below on Earth, too. With some modifications, states Ryan, an ENose might be used to look for gas accumulations in overseas oil rigs. If any toxic gases have accumulated down in the sewers, hygiene employees would benefit by knowing. Left: In her laboratory at JPL, Dr. Amy Ryan presents with a prototype ENose. Ryan and her team are starting to surpass that. This is amazing, she claims, since an effective computer system model could additionally be used to assist ENose recognize unknown substances. Image this: An astronaut lands on an alien world.

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