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Elite Dangerous Pvp

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Last Updated: 02 December 2020

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Of course, ability to let groups of players cause chaos in the game is an intentional part of Elite's design. But, later this week, more than 8 300 players will be taking part in a peaceful mission to the far side of the galaxy conducting exploration, but also having races and other little plan, player-led events along the way. Distant Worlds 2 will be the games single largest fan-make event, but the risk for individual players is high. One false move could wipe away months of in-game effort. Whats more, vast majority of participants, including myself, arent even bringing any guns along for the 18-week, 200 000-light year journey in an effort to make their ships faster. So how to you keep thousands of unarmed players safe in a game that allow, even encourages, other players to blow them out of the sky? Polygon sat down with Distant Worlds 2 organizers Commanders Erimus Kamzel and Dr. Kaii to find out their plans for keeping the largest spacefleet in MMO history safe. The simple answer is that an expedition is designed to take place in the main game world at all. The infrastructure of Elite is unique among MMOs. It is divided into three communities of players, One each on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. When players log in to game on each platform, theyre presented with a choice of open, private, or solo play. In open play, there is a chance that youll bump into other human players on your platform. With 400 billion star systems in the game world, it is a rare event when it actually happen. But for Distant Worlds 2, organizers are asking all 8 300 participants to gather around same star to begin journey, and to meet up each week around same few planets. That create amazing target of opportunity for griefers. So, Distant Worlds 2 will be taking place in a private group called FleetCom. Those who sign up for expedition can ask to be invited to group and, if it happens to fill up, there will also be backup. After years of continuous play, organizers know about many bad apples already. And, if anyone does opens fire on another player in the group, there are processes in place to report them and kick them out. Finally, truly paranoid or those just looking to spend some time alone can make entire journey, or any part of it for that matter, alone in solo play. Then there wo be no other human-control ships in their galaxy at all. All three modes of play, open, private, and solo, will allow players to complete expedition. They can even bounce between them at any time, and their progress will be maintain. Since Elite can only support a few dozen players in the same instance at same time, global communications will take place on a dedicated Discord server.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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