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Endless Education

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Endless Education


Teachers who are looking for new and engaging ways to jazz up the sometimes boring task of teaching kids to memorize sight words will find Endless Reader a nice option. Give kids free reign to choose words to explore and let them take advantage of exposure to sight words. Teachers should use a new option that requires kids to put letters together in correct order to spell target words. This will help accurately represent the relationship between letters and word formation. Kids will need to play individually to get the most out of interacting with letters and words. However, there's no tracking or multiple account creation options, so teachers don't have a way to monitor progress or know which words kids have been working with. Endless Reader teaches young kids those all-important sight words. Words are organized in alphabetical order by level: Level 1 is for PreK-K; Level 2, K-2; and Level 3, grades 2-3. Kids choose words from inside the monster's mouth, group of monsters mess up word's letters, and kids drag letters back to their correct places. Kids hear letter's sound when they tap on it. Then, target word is used in sentence; once again, monsters knock target word and other sight words out of place, and kids drag words back in place. By tapping on words, kids can hear them pronounce. Every action also results in little animation. The school version provides 223 words in the first two levels; Level 3, with 118 more words, will be available as free download in late 2014. Endless Reader is certainly FUN, and graphics and animations make words and letters come alive quite nicely. Kids get a lot of opportunities to tap on letters and words to hear them pronounce, which helps solidify the connection between writing a word or letter and the sound it make. Words also often get repeated as they show up in multiple sentences throughout the game. With a focus on single letter sound rather than complete phonemes, though, kids can't deeply explore how to pronounce words. Letters aren't even always pronounced correctly for the target word. Some more game FEATURES would also be nice, such as the option to repeat the same word, create multiple accounts, track progress, choose which words to download, or choose specific words to assign to kids. Though Endless Reader is an engaging app for Learning Vocabulary, it falls short for sight Reading and Phonics Learning.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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