Epilepsy-aphasia spectrum

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Last Updated: 03 May 2022

The epilepsy-aphasia spectrum is a group of conditions that have overlapping symptoms and signs. The language troubles can influence talking, reading, and creating. Another feature of epilepsy-aphasia spectrum disorders is specific patterns of abnormal electric activity in the brain, which are detected by a test called an electroencephalogram. Most children with LKS develop normally in early childhood years, although some talk later than their peers. However, affected children lose language abilities beginning around age 5. Around 70 percent of children with LKS have seizures, generally of a type referred to as focal because the seizure task takes place in specific areas of the brain rather than affecting the entire brain. About fifty percent of children with ECSWS develop normally in very early childhood, while others have delayed advancement of speech and motor skills. Although children with ECSWS generally lose a series of formerly obtained skills, consisting of those included in language, movement, learning, or behavior, not everybody with ECSWS has aphasia. Affected children have rolandic seizures; these seizures are activated by abnormal activity in an area of the brain called the rolandic region, which is part of the cerebrum. Children with IEAD usually have delayed development or regression of language abilities. Children with ACECTS have abnormal electric activity in the brain that is occasionally identified as CSWS.

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