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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
estrogen receptor assay "estrogen receptor assay", by Linda Bartlett (Photographer). Seen are a technician's hands performing a lab test. The test tube with some frozen breast tissue and some liquid are visible, as well as the techician in some slides. This is the estrogen receptor...

Estrogen hormonal agents are in charge of female sex-related growth and function, such as breast advancement and the menstruation. Studies have shown estrogen secures versus nerve damages and fragile bones, but it also appears to play a role in endometriosis and certain female cancers. Estrogen is linked to state of mind interruptions that occur only in women-- PMS, PMDD, postpartum clinical depression, and anxiety linked to menopause. WebMD describes exactly how menopause and symptoms of menopause like hot flashes can influence your sleep and what to do about it.

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