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Ewa Kopacz

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Last Updated: 18 January 2022

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Ewa Kopacz

Sixth Vice President of the European Parliament
Assumed office3 July 2019
PresidentDavid Sassoli
Preceded byRyszard Czarnecki
15th Prime Minister of Poland
In office22 September 2014 - 16 November 2015
PresidentBronisaw Komorowski Andrzej Duda
DeputyTomasz Siemoniak Janusz Piechocinski
Preceded byDonald Tusk
Succeeded byBeata Szydo
Chairwoman of Civic Platform (PO)
In office8 November 2014 - 26 January 2016
Secretary-GeneralPawe Gras Andrzej Biernat
Parliamentary LeaderRafa Grupinski Sawomir Neumann
Preceded byDonald Tusk
Succeeded byGrzegorz Schetyna
12th Marshal of the Sejm
In office8 November 2011 - 22 September 2014
PresidentBronisaw Komorowski
Prime MinisterDonald Tusk
DeputyCezary Grabarczyk ( PO ) Elzbieta Radziszewska ( PO ) Marek Kuchcinski ( PiS ) Wanda Nowicka (Non-Partisan) Eugeniusz Grzeszczak ( PSL ) Jerzy Wenderlich ( SLD )
SeniorJozef Zych ( PSL )
Preceded byGrzegorz Schetyna
Succeeded byRadosaw Sikorski
Minister of Health
In office16 November 2007 - 8 November 2011
PresidentLech Kaczynski Bronisaw Komorowski ( Acting ) Bogdan Borusewicz ( Acting ) Grzegorz Schetyna ( Acting ) Bronisaw Komorowski
Prime MinisterDonald Tusk
Preceded byZbigniew Religa
Succeeded byBartosz Arukowicz
Personal details
BornEwa Lis ( 1956-12-03 ) 3 December 1956 (age 63) Skaryszew , Poland
Political partyUnited People's Party (Before 1989) Freedom Union (1994-2001) Civic Platform (2001-present)
Other political affiliationsEuropean People's Party
Spouse(s)Marek Kopacz (Divorced 2008)
EducationMedical University of Lublin
Minister Zdrowia Ewa Kopacz (6133019445).jpg "Minister Zdrowia Ewa Kopacz (6133019445).jpg", by Platforma Obywatelska RP from Polska, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Ewa Kopacz, who was sworn in as Polands new Prime Minister on 22 September, says of challenge ahead of her: Houses where women are in charge do well. 57-year Old Doctor, Previously Speaker Of Sejm, Polands Parliament, Is Her Countrys Second Female Prime Minister, After Hanna Suchocka In 1992-93. Foundations Of House She Inherited From Donald Tusk, Who Take Over As President Of European Council On 1 December, Are Shaky. Ruling Civic Platform Remains Vulnerable To Predators Both Inside And Outside Party. After seven years with authoritative Tusk in charge, Kopacz may struggle fill his shoes. Everyone has to re-invent themselves, writes commentator Jacek Zakowski. In addition to Tusk, government has two other heavyweight figures. Radosaw Sikorski, Polands high-profile foreign Minister, has been despatch to succeed Kopacz as speaker. Elzbieta Bienkowska, deputy Prime Minister tipped as Tusks successor, has been sent to Brussels as Polands European commissioner, with Jean-Claude Juncker assigning her responsibility for internal market. Tusks European success give his centre-right Civic Platform twelve-point boost, according to CBOS poll conducted in September, putting support for it at 38 percentage . However, Kopacz may find difficult to maintain that level of support. Local elections in November, ahead of parliamentary elections next year, will pit new Kopacz government against Jarosaw Kaczynskis potentially resurgent conservative Law and Justice Party. But more immediate threat may come from challengers within Civic Platform, in particular Grzegorz Schetyna, former speaker of Parliament and Tusks ' main rival in Party. Kopaczs main task as Prime Minister may be to keep party from splitting. Kopacz looks set to continue her predecessors ' emphasis on security, prompted by situation in Ukraine. No major change in government foreign policy is to be expect, said Marcin Zaborowski, head of Polish Institute of International Affairs, pointing to Kopaczs close relations with Tusk. Yet she raised eyebrows with her remark last week that Poland should act like reasonable woman and put its own security first. Equally surprising was her decision to replace widely-respect Sikorski as foreign Minister with Schetyna, who lacks significant policy experience. Presenting her cabinet on 19 September, Kopacz explained that she wanted strong government backed by whole party. She say: It all hands on deck, referring to decision to bring Schetyna-who had effectively been sidelined by Tusk-into government. This move could keep Civic Platform together in short term, but it confirms concerns in Warsaw that new cabinet was select, as one analyst put it, in order not to lose next elections rather than to carry out bold programme of reforms. She was born Ewa Lis in Skaryszew, in central Poland, daughter of seamstress and locksmith. Lisek, as she was known at school because of her surname, went on to study Medicine in Lublin, where she met her future Marek Kopacz.

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30 January 2014Ewa Kopacz

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Political career

L adies and gentlemen, heres introducing new Polish Prime Minister, Ewa Kopacz, give her inauguration speech on Wednesday. Kopacz replaces her Civic Platform Party leader, Donald Tusk, WHO will become President of European Council after cushy deal with David Cameron, WHO backed Tusk on promise to help secure more comfortable options for UK, including tackling immigration. So, WHO is Ewa Kopacz, and what she stand for? She is referred to by some as Polish Margaret Thatcher, WHO still enjoys popularity in some circles as fervent anti-communist. Yet so far in her political career, has seemed to lack late British PMs ruthlessness. Thatcher enforced her own political will, and was strong ideological force behind Tory Party; Civic Platform purports to be liberal democrat party. But given Poland's culture wars, its politicians know not to rock boat, and go with mainstream. Kopacz will be no exception. Previously Speaker of Parliament and Minister of Health, Kopacz gained some notoriety for attempting to privatise Polands still partly public health and for discouraging doctors from giving anaesthetic to women in labour. Furthermore, Kopacz has become PM at time when protecting women from domestic violence is considered too radical for Polish parliamentarians. Just last week, Sejm was supposed to discuss and pass bill outlawing domestic violence, which is requirement for European Union members. Fresh to her office, Kopacz did nothing to help bill, cancelling its reading and pushing debate to late-night session, which was universally read as concession to rightwing opposition. Bill Includes Points On Fighting Stereotypical Roles Of Women That May Perpetrate Violence, Which Was Instantly Contest By Conservative MPs Obsessed With Nebulous Threat Of Gender Ideology. They make sure to ridicule it, and bill may be sent back to remove problematic points. If female PM chooses her first debate in Parliament to be concession to rightwing-conservatives, Polish women ca expect particularly enlightened future. Mainstream in Poland today still means keeping Catholic church and conservatives sweet. Just as American conservatives in 1980s were forcing culture wars and endless debates on morality, Poland's ruling factions do differ any more in their actual political programme. What matters is keeping or enough voters happy, so that election victory is guarantee. It is called post-politics. In Poland, one of things that keeps Civic Platform in government is fear many middle classes in bigger cities have of Law and Justice, sharply reactionary conservative opposition. Yet in end, even when discussing civil rights every civilised country should have-such as women being protected from violence-both parties speak with same voice. Upon swearing oath, Kopacz chose curious feminine metaphor, saying that when thief is around town, cowardly mother goes home to protect her children. Perhaps this suggests shell be easily bossed around by more mostly male politicians from her cabinet.

* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions.

* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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