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Take an appearance at this gale graph, paying special attention to the western Indian Ocean in between the east coast of Africa and the west coast of India, and you might see a pattern: The left graph portrays the dominating winds in the Indian Ocean in February; the right, in August. In East Africa, a common culture and vital trade language created along what ended up being referred to as the Swahili coastline, where several vital city-states thrived. Other notable Indian Ocean cities in the atlas include Aden in modern-day Yemen and Diu and Goa in western India. The map below from the Miller Atlas, created for King Manuel I of Portugal in 1519, reveals a sea loaded with ships flying Portuguese and Ottoman flags. Initially the Portuguese proceeded the custom of focusing trade at seaside cities, and developed a network of forts from East Africa to Southeast Asia to protect their commercial passions. Quickly, nevertheless, traders and miners were lured into the inside of southeast Africa by their desire to manage the region's gold profession. A number of gold mines can be seen on this 1630 map of the area around the Zambezi River, part of an atlas of Portuguese trading settlements by Jo o Teixeira Albernaz: Two of the older Swahili cities discussed over, Kilwa and Sofala, additionally appear on the Teixeira map. Although the East African coastline was divided up in between several European colonial powers, Portugal, Britain, and Germany, into the 20th century, the Swahili language continues to be a major language and crucial lingua franca throughout East Africa today. Find more Library of Congress resources about the regions associated with Indian Ocean sell the African and Middle Eastern and Asian Divisions.

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