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Last Updated: 05 May 2022

Bacterium cells might undertake degeneration and/or apoptosis within the seminiferous epithelium, or they might lose contact with the bordering Sertoli cell cytoplasmic processes and be lost into the tubular lumen. Often the scrubed bacterium cells preserve fairly normal morphology. Germ cell exfoliation has been explained as a primary finding following administration of phthalate esters and microtubule preventions such as colchicine and the fungicide carbendazim. suggestion: The term "bacterium cell exfoliation" should be scheduled for those situations where there is considerable dropping of germ cells into the lumen as a primary finding. In those circumstances, bacterium cell exfoliation should be identified and rated and must be reviewed in the pathology narrative if the incidence and/or extent seems connected to chemical administration.

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