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Experimental Rock Albums By Pakistani Artists

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Last Updated: 18 January 2022

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In late Rolling Stone name TV on Radio's latest disc, Dear Science, best album of 2008. Year's Finest Rock Record Was Also One That Sound Most Like America In 2008, With Infernal Visions Of War And Economic Desperation, Magazine Write. That much is true. But while Rolling Stone uses term Rock in its blurb, writer was compelled to further describe Dear Science in parlance of so-call black music: there are swooning ballads, wind-whipped funk. And then there's 'Lover's Day, ' greatest hipster booty call ever record. You'd never know from this portrayal that TV on Radio's albums are sprawling collisions of experimental, psychedelic and avant-garde Rock with influences stretching from Brian Wilson's Beach Boys to George Clinton's Funkadelic, with melodies and choruses accessible enough for mainstream Radio play. If Lover's Day had come from U2, it would be considered simply bold love anthem for New millennium. There would no references to booty calls. But because TV on Radio is predominantly black band, some music writers feel need to bend over backward to qualify and quantify blackness of music. That's understandable. After all, for decades we've bent over backward to emphasize whiteness of Jimi Hendrix. But it's silly product of liberal guilt that's become embarrassingly outdated in time when so many young black musicians are breaking out of roles music industry has long imposed on them. In past few years, Indie Rock has exploded with all-black, black-lead or multi-racial bands that don't fit into easy stereotypes. In addition to TV on Radio, there's Apollo Heights, Noisettes, Dirtbombs, Bloc Party, Cody ChesnuTT, Saul Williams and Santigold, just to name few. It wasn't always like this. In earlier years, when REM, Jesus and Mary Chain, Sonic Youth and Pavement ruled alternative music scenes Indie and punk Rock were bastions of lily-white music nerds. There were exceptions-Bad Brains and AR Kane in '80s, Fishbone in '90s-but they were few and far between. Being black in Indie Rock was loner's life. Jaleel Bunton, TV Radio's drummer, welcome complexion change. Growing up in relative alienation, because of my aesthetic and racial this just seems painfully overdue, said Bunton, who was skate punk in Louisville, Ky., When he began listening to bands like Sonic Youth and Fugazi, and discovered older psychedelic-blues sounds of Hendrix, Cream and Funkadelic. To me, it's just past time, actually. Everybody knows black musicians Rock 'n Roll. Not even most avowed racist will argue that point today. So, what happen? Somewhere along way, Rock became popular with young white kids. Maybe it was British Invasion. After Beatles and Stones reached America, more whites were scoring rock hits than blacks, and boundary between R & B and Rock 'n Roll was widening.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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