Eye Infections

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
staphylococcus aureus eye infections in two indian hospitals: emergence of st772 as a major clone. "staphylococcus aureus eye infections in two indian hospitals: emergence of st772 as a major clone.", by Nadig S, Velusamy N, Lalitha P, Kar S, Sharma S, Arakere G. f1-opth-6-165: (A) Swollen erythematous eyelid in a case of orbital cellulitis; (B) slit-lamp picture of a case of endophthalmitis showing central corneal edema with hypopyon; (C) abscess of lacrimal sac secondary to acute dacryocystitis; (D)...

Your eyes can get infections from germs, infections, or fungi. Eye infections can occur in various components of the eye and can impact just one eye or both. Two common eye infections are: Conjunctivitis, also referred to as pink eye. Stye, a bump on the eyelid that occurs when microorganisms from your skin get involved in the hair roots of an eyelash. Symptoms of eye infections might include inflammation, itching, swelling, discharge, pain, or problems with vision.

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