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ezetimibe suppresses cholesterol accumulation in lipid-loaded vascular smooth muscle cells in vitro via mapk signaling. "ezetimibe suppresses cholesterol accumulation in lipid-loaded vascular smooth muscle cells in vitro via mapk signaling.", by Qin L, Yang YB, Yang YX, Zhu N, Gong YZ, Zhang CP, Li SX, Liao DF. fig4: Ezetimibe regulates MAPK signaling in lipid-loaded VSMCs induced by Chol:MβCD. (A) The expression of p-ERK1/2, Cav-1, SREBP-1, and α-tubulin was detected by Western blot analysis in VSMCs treated with ezetimibe at the indicated concentration...

Ezetimibe is a prescription medicine used to lower degrees of overall cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in the blood. It does not aid you lose weight and ezetimibe has not been revealed to avoid heart disease or cardiac arrest. Statin cholesterol medications can cause the breakdown of muscle mass tissue, which can lead to kidney failure. Use efficient birth control to protect against pregnancy while you are making use of ezetimibe with a statin medication. Ezetimibe might be taken at the same time with fenofibrate, or with a statin medicine such as atorvastatin, lovastatin, pravastatin, fluvastatin, or simvastatin. Your cholesterol levels may not boost for as much as 2 weeks. You may be suggested ezetimibe if you can not take cholesterol-lowering medications called statins, or if statins do not benefit you. Ezetimibe aids quit your body absorbing cholesterol from food. You can take this medicine with or without food. Ezetimibe is additionally understood by the brand Ezetrol. Ezetimibe can be taken by adults and children from the age of 10 years. The chemical name of ezetimibe is 1-3 [3-3hydroxypropyl] -42 azetidinone. The empirical formula is C 24H 21F 2NO 3. Its molecular weight is 409. 4 and its structural formula is: Ezetimibe is a white, crystalline powder that is freely to very soluble in ethanol, methanol, and acetone and practically insoluble in water. Ezetimibe has a melting point of about 163 C and is secure at ambient temperature. Ezetimibe tablets, USP are readily available as a tablet computer for oral administration including 10 mg of ezetimibe and the complying with inactive ingredients: croscarmellose salt, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, povidone K-30, polysorbate 80 and sodium lauryl sulfate.

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150311C24H21F2NO3409.4C1=CC(=CC=C1C2C(C(=O)N2C3=CC=C(C=C3)F)CCC(C4=CC=C(C=C4)F)O)OC1=CC(=CC=C1[[email protected]@H]2[[email protected]](C(=O)N2C3=CC=C(C=C3)F)CC[[email protected]@H](C4=CC=C(C=C4)F)O)OInChI=1S/C24H21F2NO3/c25-17-5-1-15(2-6-17)22(29)14-13-21-23(16-3-11-20(28)12-4-16)27(24(21)30)19-9-7-18(26)8-10-19/h1-12,21-23,28-29H,13-14H2/t21-,22+,23-/m1/s1OLNTVTPDXPETLC-XPWALMASSA-N(3R,4S)-1-(4-fluorophenyl)-3-[(3S)-3-(4-fluorophenyl)-3-hydroxypropyl]-4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)azetidin-2-one4409.14894986409.1489498660.856702563003300001
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