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fenfluramine-induced gene dysregulation in human pulmonary artery smooth muscle and endothelial cells. "fenfluramine-induced gene dysregulation in human pulmonary artery smooth muscle and endothelial cells.", by Yao W, Mu W, Zeifman A, Lofti M, Remillard CV, Makino A, Perkins DL, Garcia JG, Yuan JX, Zhang W. F3: The effect of fenfluramine on the lysosomes in human PAEC. Cells were treated with 200 mM fenfluramine for 72 hrs. and the lysosomes in the cells were stained with LysoTracker Red. The phase contrast...

Fenfluramine is used to treat seizures triggered by Dravet syndrome in adults and children at least 2 years old. Fenfluramine can cause serious side effects on your heart and lungs. Fenfluramine might also be used for functions not noted in this medicine overview. Fenfluramine can cause serious side effects on your heart and lungs. Fenfluramine may cause weight-loss, which could impact development in children. Some people have ideas about suicide while taking fenfluramine. Do not use fenfluramine if you have used an MAO inhibitor in the past 14 days. Some people have ideas about self-destruction while taking fenfluramine. Your family or other caregivers need to look out to changes in your state of mind or symptoms. If you are pregnant, your name may be provided on a maternity registry to track the effects of fenfluramine on the child. Your doctor will execute tests to make sure you do not have problems that would prevent you from securely using fenfluramine. Fenfluramine may be addictive. You may take fenfluramine with or without food. Follow your treatment provider's instructions about giving fenfluramine via a feeding tube if required. Fenfluramine may cause decreased appetite and weight management. If you lose too much weight, you may need to quit taking fenfluramine. Weight management might influence growth in children. Keep the bottle and syringe together in a tidy area. Throw away any extra fenfluramine 3 months after you first opened up the container or after the "dispose of" date on the tag, whichever comes. Take the medicine as quickly as you can, yet avoid the missed dosage if it is almost time for your next dose.

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