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Last Updated: 03 September 2021

Machines in ancient China the following eight categories: simple, vehicle and animal-drawn, hydraulic, wind-power, weaponry and thermal, time keeping, earthquake detection and automate, and flying machines. Simple machines are the foundation of all complex large scaled machines. From the of view of classical mechanics, there are four simple machines: lever, pulley, inclined plane, and screw. From lever, shadoofs were invent. From pulley, and cranes were invent. Inclined plane evolve into wedges, or into screws when the was coil. Construction technology also had simple machines as ropes, chains, hinges, linkages, cranks, wheels, gears, and springs. Vehicles include Manual, and animal-drawn carts. They were of the oldest means of transportation, hauling and also military vehicles. To use animals to pull cart, to operate Mill, to plow field, effective harness first had to be custom made to address the unique shape and form of animal. The invention of the harness was an outstanding achievement which opened the door many other developments. The Compass-equip south-pointing chariot and the odometer-equip chariot called drum chariot or hodometer were two brilliant inventions that incorporate machines in vehicles. As for animal power machines, eight-wheel ox-power Mill and field Mill were invented by Chinese in ancient times. Water-power machines be divided into three categories: One, those which raise water level to new height such as scoop wheel, cylinder wheel and quare-pallet chain-pump used on farm. Second are those machines powered the momentum of flowing water, such as water Mill water-power trip-hammer, and water-power bellows. The third type were machines that utilized buoyancy or in water pressures, such as mechanical boat, salvage boats as well as rudders, tillers, and oars. Wind-powered machines be divided into two categories. The first type are that create movement in the air, such as WINNOWING Machines, bellows, etc. Next, are machines that are wind-power, as windmill. In ancient China, people made no distinction between WINNOWING Machines and They were both called by the same name. Windmills in ancient China probably come from Asia; relevant document sources for them appear late. Lever-piston style of bellows similar machines were invented by the Chinese. There were numerous kinds of weapons in ancient times, such as sabers, spears, swords, polearms, etc., But very few were mechanical, such as bow and arrow, and catapult. After gunpowder was invent, Chinese word for catapult, which had written using radical for rock, now used radical for fire. Gunpowder was between Tang and Song dynasties in China. After its creation, fire spears, fire guns, arrows, even land mines and torpedoes were invent. China was the first country in the world advance from the era of cold weaponry to the era of hot weaponry.

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