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the stages of liver damage: normal liver, fatty liver, liver fibrosis, and cirrhosis "the stages of liver damage: normal liver, fatty liver, liver fibrosis, and cirrhosis", by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health. Illustration of the stages of liver damage: normal liver, fatty liver (where deposits of fat cause liver enlargement), liver fibrosis (where scar tissue forms and more liver cell injury occurs), and cirrhosis (where scar tissue...

Fibrosis is defined by increased deposition of collagenous stroma in the spleen. Parenchymal fibrosis can prolong into the minimal area and border or penetrate the periarteriolar lymphatic sheaths; when noted, lymphoid tissue is frequently atrophied. Capsular fibrosis is more common and commonly happens as a localized sore, although it can occur simultaneously with parenchymal fibrosis. Hemorrhage and/or pigments such as hemosiderin and ceroid/lipofuscin might be present within regions of capsular and/or parenchyma fibrosis. Sinusoids of the red pulp might be tightened and have couple of erythrocytes. Blood vessels may come to be ectatic. Mesothelial hyperplasia or hypertrophy might go along with capsular fibrosis. Chemically induced fibrosis might lead to sarcoma formation. referral: Whenever present, fibrosis of the spleen ought to be diagnosed and assigned a severity quality. Splenic fibrosis that is considered to be secondary to neoplasia or swelling in the spleen should not be detected separately unless necessitated by intensity, but should be defined in the pathology narrative.

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