First Aid

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
bystander first aid in trauma - prevalence and quality: a prospective observational study. "bystander first aid in trauma - prevalence and quality: a prospective observational study.", by Bakke HK, Steinvik T, Eidissen SI, Gilbert M, Wisborg T. aas12561-fig-0004: (A) Profession of 196 first‐aid providers, in cases in which the profession was recorded. (B) Distribution of professions among bystanders who were at work when acting as first‐aid providers (excluding police and firefighters). *Excluding...

This student-authored post is released by CPR in partnership with Medill News Service and the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications. If first aid was given before emergency solutions arrive, many deaths might be prevented. If someone is harmed, you ought to: first check that you and the wounded individual aren't in any risk, and, when possible, make the situation risk-free; if essential, dial 999 for a rescue when it's safe to do so; accomplish basic first aid. Discover what to do after an event. If someone is unconscious yet breathing, and has nothing else injuries that would stop them being relocated, place them in the recovery placement up until aid gets here. Keep them under monitoring to guarantee they proceed to breathe normally.

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