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Flash Mob Wedding Proposal

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Last Updated: 01 November 2020

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Dean Smith shows that patience pays off when he plans his proposal years in advance, showing a video each day for year of him unknowingly asking his girlfriend Jennifer to marry him. He films himself holding up signs, asking her to marry him, while he does everything from eating cereal to snuggling with his cat. The final sign came as whiteboard messages from her family while they were on vacation. After she watched the video, he got down on one knee and made one final plee. She, of course, said yes. A London man named Ed, who was visiting New York City with his girlfriend, Alex, decided that if he wanted to pop question, he needed to enlist some help. Specifically, he gets help from 16 pugs when he proposes on Bow Bridge in Central Park. The dogs were from New York City Pug Meetup Group, according to People magazine, and they were adorned with heart balloons as he dropped to one knee. A man named Dustin got the shock of his life when he arrived at Home Depot in Salt Lake City and saw a flash mob of his closest friends and family from all over the world. His boyfriend, Spencer, organized a group dance to Betty Who's somebody Love You and he joined the group to dance to once verse before popping question. Omar Kenawi and his girlfriend Susan had a long-distance relationship, and Kenawi used that to his advantage to make a totally over-top proposal happen. Kenawi secretly flew from London to Los Angeles to surprise Susan. When she arrives at Griffin Observatory, choir begins singing a version of a song from her favorite musical, Rent. But instead of 525 600 minutes, they change words to 5 467 miles, AKA distance between LA and London. Once the singers finish, he sings out a few off-key notes, propose, and she says yes. You may know actor J ustin Baldoni from the show Jane Virgin, but before that, he went viral with a totally wild 25-minute viral proposal video. He told his girlfriend Emily he'd meet her at Blu Jam Cafe in Los Angeles, site of their first date. But he wasn't there: video was. Specifically, 25 minute video of him dancing and lip-synching to everything from Backstreet Boys to ABBA, complete with costumes. He also showed some home movies, fake movie trailers, and more videos of two of them. Finally, he showed a video of him asking his deceased father's permission to marry her, by asking for his gravestone. Hidden cameras in the restaurant show her saying yes and she and her family share some happy tears. Ryan Leak knew that his girlfriend Amanda Roman had mentioned that she'd love to be proposed to and get Marry on the same day, so he made it happen. Leak used her Pinterest board called my Dream Wedding to plan the wedding to be held just hours after he propose in front of a fountain.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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