Flu Season

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Last Updated: 18 May 2022

While seasonal flu infections are detected year-round in the USA, flu infections are most common throughout the fall and wintertime. The number below programs peak flu task in the United States by month for the 1982-1983 through 2019-2020 flu periods. The peak month of flu activity is the month with the greatest portion of respiratory samplings testing positive for flu virus infection during that flu season. CDC collects, compiles, and examines info on influenza activity year-round in the United States and generates FluView, an once a week monitoring report, and FluView Interactive, which permits more extensive exploration of influenza surveillance data. Information in five classifications is collected from 8 different information sources that allow CDC to: Find out when and where influenza activity is happening; Track influenza-related health problem; Determine what flu viruses are distributing; Detect changes in influenza viruses; Measure the influence influenza is having on hospital stays and deaths in the United States. These monitoring parts permit CDC to figure out when and where flu activity is taking place, identify what types of flu viruses are circulating, spot changes in the influenza infections accumulated and analyzed, track patterns of influenza-related illness, and measure the impact of influenza in the United States. In enhancement to flu viruses, several other respiratory infections additionally circulate during flu season and can cause symptoms comparable to those seen with flu infection. These respiratory viruses consist of rhinovirus and respiratory syncytial virus, which is one of the most common reason for serious respiratory illness in young kids as well as a leading cause of death from respiratory ailment in those aged 65 years and older.

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