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maize purple plant pigment protects against fluoride-induced oxidative damage of liver and kidney in rats. "maize purple plant pigment protects against fluoride-induced oxidative damage of liver and kidney in rats.", by Zhang Z, Zhou B, Wang H, Wang F, Song Y, Liu S, Xi S. ijerph-11-01020-f001: The ultrastructure of the liver and kidney tissues in rats. (a) liver of control rat; (b) liver of rat exposed to 100 mg/L fluoride; (c) liver of rat of exposed to 100 mg/L fluoride...

Fluoride is a normally happening mineral found in water in differing quantities, relying on where in the UK you live. Dental caries, also called oral degeneration or tooth decays, is a major health and wellness problem around the world and is still a large problem in the UK. Dental cavity is the devastation of tooth tissue brought on by acids made by germs in dental plaque. Cleaning your teeth extensively with fluoride tooth paste is one of the most effective methods of preventing dental cavity. If you or your child is at particular risk of tooth degeneration, your dental expert may encourage you to use higher-strength tooth paste. Use it at a different time, because it cleans away the fluoride in the toothpaste Read more about caring for your baby's teeth, children's teeth, and just how to keep your teeth tidy. Each time you have sweet food and drink, the bacteria in plaque create acid that attacks teeth. The quantity of fluoride in the tooth paste can be found on the side of television and is determined partly per million. In 1951, 2 researchers from Indiana University reported that fluoride avoided dental caries. Since 1974, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has regulated drinking water with the Safe Drinking Water Act. Newport News Waterworks follows drinking water regulations set by the USEPA and advice supplied by the Virginia Department of Health. Water fluoridation and fluoride tooth paste are greatly accountable for the substantial decrease in dental caries in the U.S. over the past numerous years. The American Dental Association has been a supporter of fluoridated water for years. The goal of community fluoridation is to attain an oral wellness benefit while reducing any potential health and wellness risks. Newport News Waterworks publishes a yearly water quality report that includes info on fluoride degrees in our water.

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