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Food Poisoning

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Last Updated: 01 May 2022
genetic diversity of clostridium perfringens type a isolates from animals, food poisoning outbreaks and sludge. "genetic diversity of clostridium perfringens type a isolates from animals, food poisoning outbreaks and sludge.", by Johansson A, Aspan A, Bagge E, Båverud V, Engström BE, Johansson KE. F2: Representative PFGE patterns of 14 C. perfringens isolates. The patterns obtained by the PFGE protocol with SmaI digestion. Lanes M1, chromosomal DNA of Salmonella serotype Braenderup (H9812) digested with XbaI as reference size markers...

Food poisoning happens when you swallow food or water that consists of bacteria, bloodsuckers, viruses, or the toxins made by these bacteria. Food poisoning can impact one individual or a group of people that all ate the same food. Symptoms from one of the most common types of food poisoning will often begin within 2 to 6 hrs of eating the food. The food may have harmful bacteria or infections. Food poisoning takes place when food isn't prepared, dealt with, or stored safely. When your symptoms start depends on the type of infection. Symptoms from botulism toxin typically begin in 12 to 36 hrs. Symptoms from hepatitis A virus or Listeria germs may not occur until 50 days after you eat the food. Don't consume solid foods until you feel better. Do not take medications for diarrhea unless your physician informs you to. Call 911 or go the ER if you have any of these: Symptoms of botulism, It can be deadly. Harmful chemicals may cause food poisoning. Most cases of food poisoning last less than a week, and most individuals get better by themselves without therapy. Each year, about 48 million people in the United States have food poisoning. Although anyone can get food poisoning, some people are most likely to get food poisoning than others, consisting of infants and children; pregnant women and their fetuses; older adults; people with weak body immune systems. People in these groups are more likely to have extreme symptoms or difficulties of food poisoning.

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