Fuel Efficiency

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Last Updated: 08 May 2022

Substantially boosting vehicle efficiency has the prospective to dramatically increase the United States' economic, energy, and ecological protection. On-road vehicles make up virtually 60 percent of complete U. S. oil intake and more than a quarter of the country's greenhouse gas emissions, the major contributor to climate change. The Vehicle Technologies Office is sustaining research to considerably enhance the fuel efficiency and minimize the emissions produced by both light and heavy-duty vehicles. If VTO is completely successful in fulfilling its technological goals and these modern technologies are commonly embraced, it would reduce highway petroleum use up to 1. 8 million barrels a day by 2020. These technologies will assist suppliers reach federal fuel economic situation requirements needing new light-duty vehicles ordinary 54. 5 mpg by 2025 and new medium and durable vehicles end up being substantially more effective. VTO sustains operate in these areas to boost overall vehicle fuel economic situation and minimize exhausts: Combustion engine research concentrates on boosting new burning techniques that can greatly boost engine efficiency and lessen the discharges development in the engine itself. Discharges reduction research concentrates on lowering the expense and improving the efficiency of aftertreatment innovations that minimize exhaust discharges. Fuel impacts research focuses on better understanding just how fuels from new sources can affect advanced combustion systems. Idling reduction work concentrates on reducing unneeded idling from vehicles. The rules of aerodynamics and other parasitical loss research concentrates on lowering the energy lost to non-engine sources such as drag, braking, rolling resistance, and supporting loads like a/c. VTO accomplishes this research in partnership with market via U. S. DRIVE for light-duty vehicles and 21st Century Truck Partnership for heavy-duty vehicles.

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