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biodiversity hot spot on a hot spot: novel extremophile diversity in hawaiian fumaroles. "biodiversity hot spot on a hot spot: novel extremophile diversity in hawaiian fumaroles.", by Wall K, Cornell J, Bizzoco RW, Kelley ST. fig02: DAPI stained micrographs of steam vent sediments. On the left is the combined brightfield and DAPI channel images, on the right is the DAPI channel alone. Scale bars are 10 μmol/L. (A) Location 2...

Fumaroles are vents or openings at the surface area where volcanic gases and vapors are released. Fumaroles are common features on active volcanoes, and are an important sign that a volcano is active because fumaroles suggest the presence of warmth from volcanic resources. In between eruptions, fumaroles are among the most vibrant features on volcanoes. Fumaroles might be openings or be found at small fractures or along fissures. Multiple fumaroles commonly occur together. Water vapor is usually the main element of fumarolic discharges and is usually from speedy groundwater. Fumaroles provide important info to rock hounds about active volcanoes since they consist of volcanic gases. An increase in a fumarole activity is usually connected with discontent and may be an indication that magma is moving within a volcano. Volcanologists monitor the temperature of fumaroles in addition to the composition of the gases. Fumaroles additionally cause considerable hydrothermal alteration where the presence of sulfuric acid changes minerals in volcanic rocks to clays.

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