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Last Updated: 07 May 2022
role-playing is an effective instructional strategy for genetic counseling training: an investigation and comparative study "role-playing is an effective instructional strategy for genetic counseling training: an investigation and comparative study", by . Fig3: Face-to-face role-playing in the genetic counseling training program at TMMU. The program was student-centered. All learning groups had over 80 % of class hours to play their roles and discuss the cases in the...

Genetic counseling provides details and support to people that have, or may go to risk for, congenital diseases. A genetic therapist fulfills with you to review genetic dangers. The counseling might be for on your own or a relative. There are many reasons to seek genetic counseling. You might consider it if you: Have an individual or family history of a genetic problem or abnormality; Are pregnant or intending to be pregnant after age 35; Already have a child with a genetic disorder or birth problem; Have had two or more pregnancy losses or a child that died; Have had ultrasound or testing tests that recommend a possible problem. Genetic counselors do more than just help you comprehend the possibilities that a genetic condition might pass from one generation to another. They can help you handle the psychological side of exactly how genetic conditions can affect a family. If you're concerned your infant will be born with a birth defect that has affected other family members, you might consider it. A genetic therapist might provide info about just how a genetic problem can influence a specific or family and/or translate genetic tests developed to aid estimate the risk of a disease. Genetic counseling is a professional communication between a provider and somebody from the public. You can ask for to see a genetic therapist since you have an issue about something that's in your family history or you need to know what screening tests are available to you in order to avoid something from occurring in your family. We consider genetic counseling as a procedure.

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