Gallium Scan

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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
an unusual case of gallium scan mimicking a bone scan. "an unusual case of gallium scan mimicking a bone scan.", by Puranik A, Luthra K, Lele RD. F1: Whole body gallium scintigraphy (a) anterior and (b) posterior images show diffuse skeletal tracer uptake. Focal tracer uptake seen in the region of left kidney on anterior images (arrow). (c) Axial CT image shows...

A gallium scan is a test to look for swelling, infection, or cancer in the body. It uses a radioactive material called gallium and is a type of nuclear medication test. You will get gallium injected into your vein. Gallium is a contaminated material. Your healthcare provider will inform you to return at a later time to be checked. The scan will occur 6 to 48 hrs after the gallium is infused. The test time depends on what problem your physician is looking for. You will push your back on the scanner table. A special cam spots where the gallium has gathered in the body. Stool in the bowel can disrupt the test. You might need to take a laxative the evening prior to you have the test. Or, you might get an injection 1 to 2 hours before the test. You might consume and drink fluids normally. You will need to take off all precious jewelry and metal things before the test.

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