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Last Updated: 07 May 2022

Like fingerprints to an investigator, gamma rays provide clues for NNSA's nonproliferation objective. Gamma ray signatures can be used to detect the distinction between radioactive materials that position a security risk and those that do not. Gamma rays can be discovered by radiation monitoring tools. Dealing with the Department of Homeland Security, NNSA has trained cops devices in major U. S. cities to use radiation discovery gadgets to locate a potential filthy bomb or other contaminated source. Gamma rays can also be created in man-made high-energy sources. Researchers use HERMES and other tools to test how weapons parts and electronics survive radiation, assisting to guarantee that the nuclear accumulation is secure, safe and secure, and effective without nuclear eruptive testing. NNSA researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have used gamma rays to help police establish rightful possession or the beginning of beneficial and rare things, ranging from dinosaur bones to software.

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