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Geert Adriaans BOOMGAARD

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Last Updated: 12 July 2021

He is accepted as the first confirmed supercentenarian situation on record. Since there is proof that he offered as a soldier in Napoleon's Grande Armee, Boomgaard may as a matter of fact have been the oldest military veteran ever before for several years. A year later, 17 March 1831, Boomgaard wed Grietje Abels Jonker, with whom he had 4 more children. On 4 March 1818, aged 29, Boomgaard wed Stijntje Bus, who died on 24 March 1830 at age 33, a month after their 8th child had been birthed. Grietje died on 18 May 1864 at the age of 71. Towards the end of his life, Boomgaard became well-known for his age; the pictures made on the celebration of his 100th and 107th birthday celebrations were popular throughout the nation; even Princess Emma, Queen Regent at the time, had received a copy of among the portraits. Obviously, Geert Adriaans Boomgaard relocated houses a lot in his adult life; his children's birth certificates note no less than five different addresses where he lived. Mr. Boomgaard was quite the stubborn man; while residing in the Jacob en Anna Gasthuis, he once was not happy with the food he got there, rice, imported from the after that Dutch swarm Indonesia. He served in the 33rd Light Infantry Regiment of Napoleon's Grande Armee, and was awarded the Saint Helena Medal. He died at an age of a minimum of 110 years, 4 months, and 11 days, making him the globe's first totally confirmed supercentenarian. AlleGroningers in Groningen, Church records baptisms. Doop-, trouw- en begraafboeken enz. In de provincie Groningen, Bron: boek, Part: 152, Kerkelijke gemeente, Groningen, archive 124, stock number 152, September 23 1788, Algemeen doopboek 1779-1795. Open Archives Baptism. The 100 Club. Smith, Reinder. 'Onze' Geert was de eerste 110-jarige ter wereld: dit was zijn leven, RTV Noord, 3 februari 2019. AlleGroningers in Groningen, Civil registration marriages. Bron: boek, Period: 1818, Groningen, March 4 1818, Huwelijksregister 1818, record number 28. Open Archives Marriage 1818. Open Archives Death. Nonetheless, the news article from 1895 says all his children had passed away by after that. Login to locate your connection.

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