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Last Updated: 04 May 2022
bacterial genome mapper: a comparative bacterial genome mapping tool. "bacterial genome mapper: a comparative bacterial genome mapping tool.", by Lee KS, Kim RN, Yoon BH, Kim DS, Choi SH, Kim DW, Nam SH, Kim A, Kang A, Park KH, Jung JE, Chae SH, Park HS. F1: Bacterial Genome Mapper: (A) Pipeline process of Bacterial Genome Mapper; (B) Schematic outline of the Mapper 1workflow; (C) Schematic outline of the Mapper 2 workflow; (D) A local region in a result image file...

Cancer is a group of diseases brought on by changes in DNA that change cell habits, creating uncontrollable development and malignancy. The area of cancer genomics is a reasonably new research area that makes use of current technological advancements to examine the human genome, meaning our full collection of DNA. By sequencing the DNA and RNA of cancer cells and contrasting the series to normal tissue such as blood, researchers determine genetic differences that may cause cancer. This approach, called structural genomics, may also measure the activity of genetics inscribed in our DNA in order to recognize which proteins are unusually active or silenced in cancer cells, adding to their unrestrained growth. Putting large genomic datasets together and sharing them with researchers worldwide is a progressively important technique for cancer research, as this enhances the power of the information and opens new chances for discovery.

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