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Last Updated: 01 May 2022
macrodystrophia lipomatosa: an unusual cause of localized gigantism. "macrodystrophia lipomatosa: an unusual cause of localized gigantism.", by Maheswari SU, Sampath V, Ramesh A, Manoharan K. F1: Localized gigantism of the left upper limb involving the radial aspect...

Gigantism is unusually large development as a result of an excess of growth hormonal agent throughout childhood years, before the bone growth plates have shut. Other symptoms may consist of postponed puberty; dual vision or difficulty with side vision; prominent temple and a famous jaw; headache; increased sweating; uneven periods; large hands and feet with thick fingers and toes; thickening of the face features; and weak point. In many cases the disease is triggered by mutations in the GPR101 gene. Drug or radiation therapy may be used to minimize GH release or block the impact of GH. It is referred to as acromegaly if the condition takes place after normal bone growth has stopped.

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