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Last Updated: 10 May 2022
glycoscience: integrating a key macromolecule more fully into the curriculum. "glycoscience: integrating a key macromolecule more fully into the curriculum.", by Bowman K, Friedman D. F1: Cover of 2012 NRC Report on Glycoscience (NRC, 2012b)....

The goal of the Common Fund's Glycoscience program is to produce new resources, tools, and technique to make the research study of glycans more available to the wider research community. Despite being a vital part to nearly all organic functions, the study of glycans and the functions they play is limited as a result of the complexity bordering the chemistry to make, research, and series all the various glycans in our body. To fight this, the Glycoscience program has created a variety of tools, resources, and information for researchers strange with glycans to integrate them into their research studies. This consists of methods for recognizing particularly difficult glycans, probes to examine glycans in microbial cell walls, criteria for glycan chemical synthesis, techniques for high-throughput glycan studies, and glycoscience instructional materials. All cells lug a range of sugars or glycans that have the capacity to regulate or moderate cellular communications with other cells, the cellular matrix and molecules that are critical to the growth and function of a complex multicellular microorganism. While there have been a handful of noteworthy successes in carbohydrate-based drug advancement, the complexity of carb chemistry makes glycoscience unattainable to most biomedical researchers. The NIH Common Fund Glycoscience Program is concentrated on producing new methodologies and resources to research glycans, and to develop these resources so they may be more quickly recognized and accessed by the wider biomedical research community. Program Initiatives: develop approaches and technologies for synthesis of biomedically relevant carbohydrates; develop easily accessible tools for penetrating and examining carbs and their communication companions; develop data combination and evaluation tools.

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