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half a grapefruit in a bowl "half a grapefruit in a bowl", by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health. Drawing of half a grapefruit in a bowl....

Grapes are insurable if: You have a share in the crop; Premium rates are provided by the actuarial records; Grown for red wine, juice, raisins, or canning; Grown in a winery that, if examined, is considered acceptable by us; After being laid out or grafted, have reached the number of growing periods marked by the Special Provisions; and They have produced approximately at least 2 loads of grapes per acre in at least among the three plant years For carryover insureds insurance coverage starts on the day immediately adhering to the end the of the insurance period for the previous crop year. You must submit a report of grape property with your plant insurance agent by the property coverage day. If a loss happens you must: Protect the crop from more damages by offering sufficient treatment; Notify your crop insurance agent within 72 hrs of your initial exploration of damages, however not behind 15 days after the end of the insurance coverage period; Notify us within 3 days of the day harvest should have started if the plant will not be collected; Provide notification a minimum of 15 days before the beginning of harvest, if the plant was harmed during the expanding period and you previously supplied notice, and you intend to claim an indemnity as an outcome of the damage previously reported; and Not ruin the harmed plant up until you are given written grant do so. Catastrophic Risk Protection insurance coverage is fixed at 50 percent of your typical yield and 55 percent of the price political election. The expense for CAT insurance coverage is an administrative fee of $655 per crop per region. You may acquire crop insurance policy protection under one of the insurance plans offered: Catastrophic Risk Protection or Actual Production History. All multi-peril insurance policy, consisting of Catastrophic Risk Protection plans, are readily available from personal insurance coverage agents. A listing of insurance coverage agents is available whatsoever USDA service facilities and on the RMA internet site at: www. rma. usda. gov/informationtools/agentlocator.

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