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Gtc dor ga gov identity verification quiz

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Last Updated: 19 January 2022

The Kentucky Department of Revenue is concentrated on shielding you and your identity. Kentucky has implemented many interior procedures in addition to partnering with outside sources to avoid tax obligation fraud and identity theft. Fraud and identity burglary cases are expanding annually yet Kentucky is examining and upgrading treatments as needed.

Securing your tax details is very crucial to the Department of Revenue.

Kentucky has applied an identity verification quiz. If you are chosen to take an identity quiz, you will get an identity verification letter asking you to finish the quiz within 30 days. The quiz includes numerous selection inquiries with answers that help us confirm your identity. At the completion of the quiz you will be advised whether you fell short or passed. A second quiz using various questions will be readily available if you fall short the quiz on your first effort. The requested refund will not be paid until the quiz is passed or we obtain proper documentation.

If you received the identity confirmation quiz letter and have not yet filed a present year Kentucky private tax return, inspect the ideal box in the letter and return the letter to the Department of Revenue. However there are many points you can do to protect on your own and your personal info. Every person submits tax obligations, but those who receive a letter will be triggered to take a verification quiz online before they can access to their tax return.

The objective is to aid us see to it that truth taxpayer has in fact filed the return and is going to get that refund, Waites said.

Channel 2's Rikki Klaus talked to a sufferer of tax obligation fraudulence, Sylvia Booker, who found out someone had devoted tax obligation fraudulence with her info in February. When Booker and her husband submitted their joint tax return using Turbo Tax, it was rejected and they got a message saying the tax obligation return had already been filed. These new tests are just a part of it, Waites informed Klaus. Last year, the Georgia Department of Revenue obstructed $98 million in fraud and Waites' Brookhaven office is trying to do every little thing it can to avoid sending tax bucks to fraudsters, especially after the F ederal Trade Commission called Georgia as the second-worst state in the country for tax obligation fraud.

To secure on your own, Waites encourages every person to produce a Georgia Tax Center account, which will alert you when officials receive a tax obligation return in your name.

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